Formula One drivers are pretty great boyfriends, generally

May 1, 2012


From Monaco to Bahrain, the Formula One season is an elaborate circus of fine living, fast driving and excess. Although drivers’ salaries are considerably lower since the heady days of £15m/£20m yearly contracts of the mid-2000s, there is no doubt that F1 is big business and drags a massive entourage of the rich and powerful around on its coattails every year. Despite their reduced circumstances, today’s stable of competitors are still more than able to live the high life. Fernando Alonso owns a palatial home in Switzerland, while Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa all have their digs in Monaco. Button himself also has property in Bahrain, where this year’s Grand Prix was almost called off because of political unrest caused or prompted by the arrival of the event itself.

The racing also necessarily involves a group of young women commonly referred to as ‘pit babes’ who perform a similar function to cheerleaders but with less athleticism. Traditionally, they hold up little signs with numbers on them. With so many fabulously wealthy, physically fit and lantern jawed globetrotters on the circuit, it is a veritable hotbed of absurdly glamorous coupling. This time though, we’ll just be talking about two couples in particular who’ll be traversing the globe and racking up absurd bills for their international calls.

Image via LatinosPost

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger’s ongoing and offgoing relationship has been extensively covered in the popular press, but at present it seems the pair remain bosom buddies, enjoying the sunshine and appearances of celebrity buddies like Lenny Kravitz on the Malaysia leg of the Grand Prix season. Although they have only recently rekindled their romance, Scherzinger is reportedly interested in marriage and having children with the driver, who at 27 is six years her junior. How they have managed to overcome this crippling disconnect in life experience (as has been unironically suggested as a reason for their breakup) is testament to the concrete solidity of their relationship. In the Saddest Sentance Said By A Millionaire You’ll Read Today, Scherzinger said ’I would like to get married one day but it’s not just up to me.’

Image via LatinosPost

Also chilling out in Malaysia were MacLaren driver and fellow Brit Jenson Button and his long-term girlfriend, Argentine-Japanese model Jessica Michibata. Michibata made her name in Japan, appearing on a number of breakfast news shows and adverts, as well as a music video for the Teriyaki Boyz, which sounds intriguing. The pair have been somewhat less in the public eye in recent times, though Michibata has been connected with a catwalk fashion career after she presented Japanese coverage of the New York and London Fashion Weeks.

The lesson here is that high-powered, talented and well-connected beautiful young people will tend to seek each other out. Pretty! For further proof of this, check out our Pinterest board! Owen Wilson is there!

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