Jay-Z – collaborations, criticism and parenting

November 15, 2011



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It’s been a busy 7 days for the hip-hop legend. It seems every day this week there was a new story about Jay-Z. At least it looks like he doesn’t have 99 problems any more though. Let’s take a look at the stories surrounding the star right now.

He’s currently touring with Kanye West for their collaborative platinum selling album Watch the Throne. The tour, of the same name, was selling out venues across the US well before the album was released. Although the tour began a couple weeks back, every show is followed by another great review with most dubbing it a spectacle and living up to the hype. The pair are natural entertainers, so shows aren’t just about singing hit after hit, even though there are many. Reviewers raved about rising platforms and the chemistry between the two, both happy to share the spotlight. Would you expect anything less from two of the biggest names in music?

From one collaboration to another, Jay has been confirmed to be on the new Rihanna album, the third track they’ll have worked on. They’ll be hoping for similar success to Rihanna’s smash hit ‘Umbrella’ which catapulted her into superstardom. The track sounds interesting, mixing dirty synths and hard hitting drums.

Away from music, some bad publicity has reared its ugly head as some suggest Jay is profiting from the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Roccawear, a cofounder of the clothing range, designed a t-shirt which alters the name to ‘Occupy All Streets’. While the design was inspired by the group, the company won’t be donating any single cent. It seemed like the negative publicity was too much for the company as the t-shirts disappeared from the website. Nope, such was the popularity of the $22 item it had gone out of stock and resumed normal trade.

He’s gotten all deep in an interview recently, talking about parenting. He believes being there is more important than providing material things. Is this a big hint towards a break from music as he makes the transition to fatherhood? With his Dad abandoning him aged 11, he’s determined to be a great father. It had such an impact as Jay described him as a superhero.

And last but not least, Jay is once again GQ’s Man of the Year. It was back in 2006 when he first received the accolade, showing off his staying power in the music biz.

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