J-Lo joins the list of celebs who love their back up dancers

November 14, 2011


J Lo

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Jennifer Lopez shocked us with the announcement of her split from Marc Anthony in July after 7 years of marriage and the birth of 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

No stranger to the media coverage of her ever-changing relationships, J-Lo didn’t waste much time and jumped right into gallivanting with actor Bradley Cooper and didn’t try very hard to hide it. Rumours of a split with Cooper have obviously not phased J-Lo in the slightest. She has been most recently linked to her much younger back up dancer, Casper Smart. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson the first time after dating and marrying dancer and choreographer Chris Judd just months after meeting him and splitting less than a year into the marriage.

There must be something about those back up dancers, though, and J-Lo is not alone in her fascination. Though her fling with Casper is allegedly just that- a fling, she joins the ranks of other popular pop singers with the same affliction.


Even the queen of pop has a weakness for a younger back up dancer.  She has been dating Brahim Zaibat, a 24-year-old dancer who performed for her last September.  The couple was said to have split in May but have seemingly reconciled and were spotted smooching on the star’s 53rd birthday in August.

Britney Spears

We all remember the rebellious Britney, who lashed out by shockingly marrying back up dancer Kevin Federline shortly after her breakup with pop icon Justin Timberlake. The couple had two sons together, though Britney’s ability to care for them sans Kevin was often disputed. The couple split after two years of marriage. Britney was also linked to Chase Benz, another former back up dancer.

Ginger Spice

In 2008, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell briefly dated her dancer, Ivan “Flipz” Velez, who earned his name thanks to his signature moves on stage. The romance was so brief that Ginger deemed it appropriate to end things with Flipz over the phone.

Miley Cyrus

Back a few years, a 16 year old Miley Cyrus learned early from the pop stars before her. She was rumoured to have been dating Marshall, one of her back up dancers and 6 years her senior. The photos of them surfaced to the shock of young fans at how ancient he was at 22, but the fling didn’t last and Miley started dating Justin Gaston shortly after.

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